I changed my eyeglasses: what should I do with my old glasses?

I changed my eyeglasses: what should I do with my old glasses?

I changed my eyeglasses: what should I do with my old glasses?

15 days ago, I changed my eyeglasses for at least the 10th time in 20 years. When I got home I made the observation like many people I think I kept my old glasses of the last 10 years.

So instead of reasoning stupidly and telling myself that I will throw them in the trash, I made myself the reflection “is it not possible that these glasses have a 2nd life”. So I started looking for the different solutions that are available to me.

Take my glasses back to an optician

Sometimes there is no need to look far. A number of opticians, whether large chains of or simply independent opticians, offer you to leave your old glasses to donate to associations.

Good to know: some opticians offer discount vouchers in exchange for your old glasses.

Make a leap from my old glasses to an association

You can help people in need by donating your glasses to an association. They will be able to give your old glasses to people with vision problems similar to yours, whether in France or abroad.

For example, the association Glasses without borders takes care of this very well. Simply send them your glasses (at your expense), and the association takes care of redistributing it to people whose eyesight requires a correction similar to yours.

Resell your eyeglasses

Know that it is possible for you to resell your eyeglasses but also your sunglasses.

If it is glasses without correction, sunglasses or corrective glasses sold in self-service in stores it will not be a problem to resell them easily on The good corner gold Vintedink.

On the other hand if it is prescription glasses with specific corrections it will require a lot of precautions and especially the original prescription.

Despite a lot of research all the sites specialized in the purchase of glasses that I found unfortunately closed under the door (but if you find any do not hesitate to specify it in comment).

Reuse your glasses yourself

Often in an easy way, for lack of information or simply because we had not thought about it, you can reuse the frame for your new lenses.

Contrary to the received ideas and the words of some opticians who think only of profits, you can very well ask to reuse your old frame if it is in good condition. In this case just plan to have a pair of glasses in the meantime.

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